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Surrealist Brooch Set

Votre Perle

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Silver & Red
Gold & Black


    Inspired by Dali’s work, this set is bejeweled surrealism at its best.

    Hypnotic acrylic eye brooch, accented with brass chain and Czech glass beads, highlights the understated lines of the mirrored acrylic nose and lips pieces.

    Wear together to bring maximum impact to a basic outfit. Or split up the set. Our tip? Pair the eye and nose or eye and lips together. Or wear each piece separately - right underneath or on the collar itself, in the center of a turban or as an accent on a clutch bag.
  • MATERIALS: Acrylic | Brass chain | Glass beads

    MEASUREMENTS: Eye - 5.3cm x 3.0cm | Nose - 2.9cm x 5.8cm | Lips - 3.7cm x 26cm



Ingenious and quirky glass brooches

While “Votre Perle’ may mean ‘your pearl’ in French, the brand’s jewelry bears little resemblance to the timeless yet traditional pieces most likely found in your grandma’s closet. Instead, the brand’s go-tos are organic glass, natural stones, leather and occasional Swarovski crystals.

What Votre Perle pieces do share with the eponymous gem is luster. Launched at the end of 2012 in Belarus, the brand’s ingenious and quirky brooches became their trademark. Black kitty cats. Luscious lips. Beret adorning Frenchies. Stylists and bloggers’ favorites, these lustrous creations combine minimalist shapes in muted metallics with succulent bursts of color.

All Votre Perle pieces are handcrafted in limited quantities by the designer herself. Seemingly simple in their execution, each design undergoes a meticulous process of creation. From abstract idea sketched out on paper. To vector design and samples, laser cut from large acrylic sheets. And, many iterations later, to finishing touches - color selection and accents, such as glass beading. Each brooch is brought to life with one goal only - to make sure its new owner stands out from the crowd.

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