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Snooty Elephant Bow Tie

Chin Up

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    No elephant in the room here. Or is there?

    Elephant stretching his trunk is hand painted onto a white cotton bow tie. Worry not, the paint is water resistant. So you can go on and make it your go-to for jazzing up that day or night outfit.

  • MATERIALS: Cotton | Acrylic paint


    CARE: Paint used is water resistant. If the bow tie gets soiled, all you have to do it is give it a quick wash in cool water.


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Quirky bows of art

A somewhat traditional must-have in the arsenal of any well dressed man, bow ties have become mini masterpieces in their own right in the hands of Chin Up. Sewn from 100% cotton and hand painted with water resistant acrylics by a slew of talented artists, each Chin Up bow tie can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete. Stroke by stroke. Layer by layer (to make sure paints do not mix). it is transformed from a simple white bow into a work of art.

And just like each bow tie, the Chin Up brand has undergone its own evolution since Elena Trostkina made that first bow tie that started it all. (Read more about the founder.) Initially sewing patterned bow ties from ready made fabric, Elena wanted to craft exclusive creations, one of a kind pieces that would catch the eye of a true accessories connoisseur. And so the idea of painting onto fabric was born. Dozens of samples later, Chin Up now touts a hand painted collection of frills and four complete collections of bow ties - the largest two being ‘Masterpieces of World Art’ and ‘Animal Faces’ (taking from Elena’s two main sources of inspiration, art and animals). From a cheeky giraffe to van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night,’ no artwork is too small or too complex for Chin Up’s artists.

The embodiment of uniqueness, style and good taste, Chin Up is a call to proudly show your bow tie off. An instinctive name for these new age neckpieces, ‘chin up’ has in fact become a neologism amongst the brand’s loyalists. No longer just a bow tie, ‘chinups’ are all the rage.

artist drawing visuals from Animal Faces collectionmale model wearing a Giraffe bow tie