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She Sells Seashells Necklace

Rosita Bonita

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    Who can forget the infamous tongue twister ‘she sells sea shells on the seashore ... ?‘ Well, you know the rest.

    While it is named after the rhyme, this necklace is no child’s play. Five elegant twister shells. Six intricate mussel shells. All cut from smooth pastel leathers, hand embossed with metallic foil and completed by a gold-plated belcher chain.

  • MATERIALS: Leather | Gold plated brass chain

    MEASUREMENTS: Twister shells - 5cm x 3cm | Moules - 3cm x 2cm | Brass shells - 1cm x 1cm.

    CARE: Please avoid getting your jewels wet and keep them in their original packaging when not worn. Chains and findings are gold plated and will lose their shiny plating with wear. If you would like to renew these, it may be possible for a small repair fee. Please drop us a line, and we will share all the details.


Purveyors of finery & fancy

Inspired by glamorous fantasies of past times and faraway lands; icons of folklore; myths & legends, Rosita Bonita illustrative pieces combine vintage glamour with a sense of dreamy fun. From bountiful fruits to feasting hummingbirds and mystical mermaids, these whimsical illustrations - each printed on leather - are at once nostalgic and novel.

Lovingly handcrafted in Casa Bonita, their East London studio, each piece starts off as an original Rosita Bonita illustration. Screen-printed pieces are made from separate elements - each printed individually onto soft colored leathers, hand cut and assembled into unique treasures. Foil embossed beauties are laser cut or hand stamped with specially shaped knives, then heat pressed with metallic foil and embossing stamps, made from Rosita Bonita’s own drawings.

Opposed to the disposable nature of fashion, Rosita Bonita does not discontinue her collections, making them available to order year after year. And why would they. Each piece brings a touch of magic, transforming the mundane with a dash of the frivolous fun of dressing up.

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