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Radial Necklace

Malvika Vaswani

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    Get that Thursday feeling any day of the week with this radial beauty.

    Like sun rays, curved rose gold plates are intertwined with striking matt black bidri detailing and held up by three adjustable rose gold chains. A flawless unison of modernism and tradition.

    In case you ask, bidri is a metalware technique found only in India. Created with alloy of copper and zinc, its beauty lies in the contrast between the glossy silver inlay and matt black metal. Each piece goes through multiple stages of production - from sand casting and filing to engraving and polishing - many a times by multiple artists.

  • MATERIALS: Bidri (copper inlaid in copper-zinc) | Rose gold plated brass

    MEASUREMENTS: Drop - approx. 26 | Width of entire plate (at widest point) - approx. 19cm

    CARE: Please store in the given pouch, away from heat and moisture. To maintain the shine, wipe with a dry soft cotton cloth. Bidri is extremely sensitive to moisture. Please keep away from water or any other liquids to prevent discoloration. To polish, rub a few drops of coconut oil, leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then wipe off with a soft cotton cloth.


Designs for our indigenous modernity

Nested in the heart of Mumbai, Malvika Vaswani‘s studio is the meeting point of design, craft and process. Fusion of international design aesthetic and local techniques, their minimalist statement pieces are truly the best of both worlds.

Rooted in industrial design and hands-on knowledge of materials, Malvika Vaswani designs are born out of experimentation. Experimentation with techniques and materials - that many a time would not be associated with ‘jewelry.’ From stained glass inspired by glass windows and metal grill overlays. To traditional Bidri craft (the art of laying silver and copper on gun metal, native to India’s Deccan region). Repurposed and reinterpreted, they give way to indigenously modern jewelry.

Malvika Vaswani believes that products are not temporary but long lasting and intrinsically valuable. Brought to life by karigarhs (Indian artisans) across the country, each piece is a commitment to materials, age old craftsmanship and ethical design. With her work Malvika encourages cross-craft simulation - introducing diverging crafts to one another and to technology. Helping karigarhs sustain their art and grow their earning potential. A responsibility of every young designer, in Malvika’s point of view.

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