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Rabbit Crew Balloon Necklace

Andres Gallardo

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    Dressing to impress? It’s easy to pull a rabbit ... or a few of them ... out of your hat with this piece.

    Large link chain continues to a white and blue porcelain collage of playful balloons and hopping rabbits. Yet another signature statement creation from Andres Gallardo.

  • MATERIALS: Handcrafted porcelain | 18kt gold plated brass

    MEASUREMENTS: Drop - approx. 19cm | Diameter - 17cm

    CARE: Porcelain is very resistant when it is worn as a contemporary jewel, however it is delicate during transportation and storage, which is why we recommend keeping it in its original packaging avoiding contact with foreign objects whenever the pieces are not in use.


From broken porcelain to surrealist fashion jewelry

Fine balance between the raw and the refined, the playful andthe sophisticated, Andres Gallardo pieces are a dreamlike interplay of flora and fauna. From handmade flowers, hand painted petal by petal, to animal figurines that seemingly define gravity and abstract expressions bursting with color, their one-of-a-kind pieces are a perfect marriage of age-old craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetic.

Conceived in Berlin during a stroll through a flea market, Andres Gallardo jewelry started as a personal project, titled Brokenporcelain. Porcelain pieces, found in antique shops and flea markets, were broken, polished by hand and set with metal, leather and crystal fragments. As if creating a collage, these combinations of the figurines told their own stories - “some are like love stories, others turn out to be tragic and most ... are playful or magical.” Transformed into one-of-a-kind jewels, traditional porcelain figurines were given a second life while keeping a part of the life they had in their original form.

Soon looking to create completely original compositions, Andres Gallardo designers drove to Valencia and Portugal, in search of porcelain craftsmen. Going door to door, they found artisans they have worked with ever since. For their flowers, for example, they partnered with the flower makers of Manises - women who’ve inherited the mastery through generations. Each crafted by hand with age-old porcelain production techniques, porcelain figurines are then turned into fashion jewels in the brand’s Madrid studio.

With broken porcelain still at the heart of the brand, Andres Gallardo aims to revive the age-old craft, pushing the boundaries of tradition and opening up a world beyond conventional figurines and vases.