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Powerwords Ring

Leeloo Bird

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    In the words of Leeloo bird's creative director, “there’s nothing more beautiful & powerful than a woman comfortable in her perfect imperfection…"

    Molding powerful words into the chicest of jewels, this ring is all about bringing that inner balance, with mantras like Dream ~ Patience and Courage ~ Humility etched onto silver and gold interchangeable ringtop coins.

    22k gold vermeil
    sterling silver
    available in standard sizes 6 and 7
    blessed and empowered in a Bali temple
    ethically crafted by generational artisans in Java 
  • CARE

    Avoid water and chemicals found in perfume, cosmetics, swimming pools, etc. When not worn, store each piece separately in its Leeloo bird pouch to avoid heat and humidity. Clean your jewelry often by washing in warm water with milk detergent and dry promptly with a soft cloth. If you’d like to bring back shine and luster, clean with a polishing cloth.

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Balance of radiant beauty and raw strength

Leeloo Bird was born from feathers, feather earrings to be exact. Sandrine Levalois created her first collection on Bali-based & internationally acclaimed clothing designer Magali Pascal’s request. Since then, Leeloo Bird has inspired Sandrine to chase her dreams, creating pieces that are extensions of her heart - wild and free.

Leeloo Bird jewelry embodies the meeting of inner and outer freedom and the balance between radiant feminine beauty and raw feminine strength. Rooted in Balinese heritage and inspired by a French bohemian aesthetic, each piece delicately blends intricate detailing with bold designs.

Handcrafted with the intention of protecting and empowering its owner, each Leeloo Bird design comes from a spontaneous intuition. Each set to become a reminder of positive intentions - like a talisman, manifesting one’s wildest dreams. To this end, each of their beauties is blessed in a Bali temple and empowered with a ritual of good intentions, spread over a large amethyst overnight - before making its way to its new owner.

The pieces are brought to life by a small artisan collective in Java, using locally sourced metals and internationally unearthed stones. Crafted entirely by hand, from start to finish, each piece is one of a kind - sometimes manifested in small imperfections, or ‘beauty spots,’ which add character and uniqueness to the piece.