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Ceramic by AVA

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    Long time devotees of ear jackets, we are head over heels for these lusters.

    Multidimensional gold studs - accented with overlapping bands - give way to irregularly shaped porcelain dangles, peaking from under the earlobe. Want to play up the asymmetry? Wear the stud only in one of the ears.

    Please note that as each of these beauties is made entirely by hand, there may be slight variations in size.

  • MATERIALS: silver gold plated (18K) | porcelain

    MEASUREMENTS: Drop - 2cm | Stud - 1cm x 1.5cm; Dangle - 1.8cm x 1.5cm

    CARE:  It’s best not to subject ceramic jewelry to water. To clean, rinse your jewel with soap and warm water and dry with the soft cloth, provided.


    These beauties will be on their way to you within 1-2 days from placing the order.

    Currently we only deliver to addresses within the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. If you live outside of these countries, please drop us a note on hello@urbannomads.ae with your destination address and item you would like to order, and we will confirm delivery timelines and fees.

    For complete delivery and returns policy, please view the Delivery & Returns page.

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Ceramic patterning as unique as you are

Triangular patterning. Lustrous ceramic. Geometric designs. Fuss-free elegance and linear aesthetic are undoubtedly the Ceramic by AVA signature.

Founded in 2014 by its designer and creator, Victoria Afanaseva, AVA has experienced whirlwind success. Once Victoria settled on ceramic as her go-to material, she became unstoppable. Sketching the designs in a mere week, she completed her first collection within a month. Above all, inspired by the purity of nature and the ocean, Victoria’s latest collection is no exception. Named after the awe-inspiring Navarra Mountain Range she fell in love with on her travels, the new distinctively geometric designs bring to life the sharp peaks of that unique Spanish landscape.

Each AVA piece is handcrafted in Victoria’s Bali studio - with a helping hand from a Balinese ceramic artist and silversmith. Using Spanish porcelain Victoria discovered on her travels - she loved its texture, clarity of color and durability - and Balinese silver - renown for its quality and craftsmanship, - she conceptualizes and crafts each piece herself. From physically shaping the porcelain using plaster cast molds. To firing them in the kiln up to three times - at temperatures of 1200 degrees. To hand painting each piece and setting it in silver. Entirely fluid in her process, at times even Victoria isn’t sure how the pieces will turn out until she takes them out of the kiln - making each piece that much more unique and unpredictable, just like its new owner.