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Globetrotter Bracelet

Luna & Rose

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    Because... so many countries, so little time!

    Designed as a reminder of the vastness of our world, this delicate globe bracelet inspires adventure and is perfect charm for you or your traveling pals - whether embarking on a new adventure or living in eternal wanderlust.

    18k gold plated
    solid .925 recycled sterling silver (recovered from re-imagined jewelry and electronic parts)
    length: adjustable from 15cm to 18cm
    handcrafted by artisans in Bali
  • CARE

    Use a damp cloth to clean and a dry one to gently polish. Avoid using any chemical-based solutions such as silver polishing cloths and lotions as this will actually strip the plating off. Store in a satchel or box.

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Sustainable accessories for sun seekers across the globe

Born as an antidote to fast fashion and mass-produced jewelry, Luna & Rose forges for a circular economy. Away for the “we take - we make - we dispose” mentality. And towards one that celebrates and mandates the repurpose - recycle agenda.

Championing sustainable pieces that have zero or very limited waste, Luna & Rose produces their sterling silver jewelry in a completely closed loop operating system. Designs are made using 99% recycled silver that is recovered from old electronic parts, melted down and re-purposed into beautiful jewelry. That at the end of its life can be melted down again. In fact, any of their old stock, faulty items, returned pieces are simply melted down and recycled into new collections. 

Entirely handcrafted in small batches, Luna & Rose pieces are produced by a small team of artisans on the beautiful island of Bali. Besides getting paid above minimum wage and working in safe and ethical conditions, there are a number of perks (that we ourselves wouldn’t say ‘no’ to) to working with Luna & Rose. Including Nasi Campur for lunch, office naps, working from home and bringing your pet birds to work.

And thats not all! Luna & Rose are a proud 1% For the Planet Member. Working directly with two charities close to their hearts, they donate a minimum of 1% of their sales to Take 3 for the Sea & Sustainable Coastlines. And they just recently launched their Buy Back program whereby customers can donate their unused silver jewelry.