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Boheme Necklace

Monsieur Blonde Jewels

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    Monsieur Blonde’s chic tribute to island life, the necklace features some of Bali’s classic earthly elements - crystal beads. Intricately weaved together, they hold a raw amethyst and black nylon tassel for that oh-so-effortless shoreline style.

  • MATERIALS: Raw amethyst | Crystal beads

    MEASUREMENTS: Drop - adjustable from approx. 38cm to 56cm

    CARE: Simply wash in warm water with a gentle detergent and dry promptly with a soft towel. Use a cloth to polish the jewel. When you don’t wear it, store in a sealed plastic bag within your jewelry box.


Imperfectly perfect gems of contradiction

Hand crafted yet refined. Timeless yet so now. Elegantly French and ethnically chic. Monsieur Blonde Jewels is the epitome of complimentary contradictions.

The inspiration is the personal experiences and journey of Monsieur Blonde's Creative Director and Designer Delphine who puts her heart into every creation. A progression of her own evolution, her jewelry is perfected through her collaboration with the artisans, striking the balance between island chic and French classical touch she’s been brought up with.

Each piece is handmade in a small family-run workshop in Bali in collaboration with local craftsmen, who bring the delicate designs to life using gemstones, bone and horn. The artisans' ancient techniques such as carving or macrame ensure that Monsieur Blonde Jewels is always imperfectly perfect.

We hope you love these one-of-a-kind pieces as much as we do.

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