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Black Volcanic Stone


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    This is what we call effortless elegance. Glass beads and gold accents elevate Bali’s earthy lava stone to add just the right amount of sparkle to your casual outfit.

    This necklace will stimulate your creativity while grounding and balancing your inner self. Perfect for those get me outta here days at the office.
  • MATERIALS: Lava stone | Glass beads | Brass Buddha accent

    MEASUREMENTS: Drop - approx. 47cm | Tassel - 8.5cm 

    CARE: Avoid leaving the piece in direct sunlight. To clean the tassel, wash in cold water with a small amount detergent, rinse thoroughly and dry flat.


Jewelry that feels good to wear

Mira Mira’s pieces go beyond the superficial. There's no doubt that they're beautiful. But they also urge you to look within and catch glimpses of your infinite wisdom, love and creativity.

The designs are inspired by the natural landscape of Menorca and its seashells, animals, flowers and plants, which are brought to life with the materials used.

Inspired by malas - beads traditionally used in prayer and meditation - and made of semi-precious stones, they have a particular energetic frequency.

The collection is hand crafted in Bali by a team of Indonesian artisans who bring their passion and talent to each piece from their hearts. Committed to fair trade, Mira Mira is able to improve the quality of their and their families’ lives. Just another reason why Mira Mira jewelry feels so good to wear - it touches all who come in contact with it.

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