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The pieces of jewelry you treasure most usually have a great story behind them. 

We want to share ours.

Discovering jewelry has always been our passion - especially those pieces that we’ve collected throughout our travels.  Pieces that are capable of sparking conversations. Pieces so unique you couldn’t find them back at home. 

So  unique & treasured, we wanted to bring these finds to you.  

Scouring the globe, we’ve discovered tales of tradition, allure and individuality.

Not to mention the intriguing stories of emerging designers whose contemporary aesthetic is always elevated - but with plenty of soul. We carefully chose each piece not only for its beauty but its narrative – from Balinese traditions of silver craftsmanship to women empowerment in Africa. 

And we stocked only a handful of each design to celebrate the handcrafted uniqueness of the offering. 

We hope our  nomadic finds spark a conversation of your own!




We find our treasures in every corner of the world

Ethically Made

Ethically Made

We select pieces that positively impact the world we live in



We only stock handcrafted pieces, created in limited quantities

Our Philosophy

We believe that jewelry should turn heads.

It should make people curious. Transcend cultures, countries and time.

It should celebrate and shine light on the communities it comes from.

And finally, it should be unique.

After all, handcrafted creations are not meant to have many owners - just many admirers.


Make our conversation pieces part of your story.