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Natalia Martsishka’s - Votre Perle designer and maker - journey started with a classic desire to express her inner world and share it with others. Each a mirror into her soul, her creations are a medley of contrasts she loves. Shiny metallics and warm muted tones. Clear geometric shapes and streamlined silhouettes. Stern lines and playful materials. “It’s as though two opposites are always fighting - or coexisting - inside of me,” says Natalia.

Natalia’s inspirations are as varied as her pieces. Books. Local and international designers; Alexander Wang takes her breath away. Personal experiences - the latest one is her move to Moscow, the city that never sleeps. Paintings - Monet, Miro and Vasarely are some of her favorites. And even movie characters, such as Star Wars’ Amidala. Votre Perle’s varied aesthetic is Natalia’s homage to the kaleidoscope of art influences and experiences.


What are the 5 things you cannot live without?

Not taking into account oxygen, food, sleep, love, etc., then

#1 my work macbook - its my everything and more!

#2 sneakers - I move around a lot so comfortable shoes are very important :)

Your favorite quote?

One of my favorites is “You know what is important to take along with you from childhood to adulthood? A dream.”

Who would you love to wear your pieces?

There is no bigger reward for me than seeing my pieces worn by stylists, designers and women with impeccable taste.

Where would you go in a time machine?

To the years when Egypt’s pyramids were being built.

What's your vice?

My biggest weak spot is books, magazines, post cards, art polygraphy.

All photos courtesy of Votre Perle

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