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Mini Nafolo Necklace

Toubab Paris

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      Sometimes, all an outfit needs to pull it together is a delicate pop of color, and this necklace is just the thing. African bazin is accentuated with glass beads in contrasting combinations - and strung on a long brass chain for extra eye candy.

    • MATERIALS: African bazin fabric | Glass beads | Brass chain

      MEASUREMENTS: Purple - drop of 21cm | Pink - drop of 23cm | Green - drop of 28cm 


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Expression of ethnic materials and graphic patterns

Toubab Paris is guided by the belief that our differences are what shape us and help us grow. For Toubab, it is its French-African influence and desire to explore through travel.

An expression of shimmering colors, ethnic materials and graphic patterns, Toubab combines traditional African textiles with materials from all corners of the world. A tribute to the cultural mixing that serves as its unique inspiration, its name is rooted in a traditionally West African term, which means ‘foreigner’ (read more), and grounded with a dash of couture.

Complementing new materials with repurposed, Toubab’s creations transform recycled denim; offcuts of African fabric, collected in sewing shops; beads and pompons into colorful compositions.

While half of the materials used are recycled, there's more to these pieces than environmentally friendly. Just like the materials come from around the world, so does production - providing employment opportunities, training and incremental wages both in Europe and abroad. The pieces are handcrafted either in Madagascar - by local artisans - or in Paris - by an organization reintegrating immigrant women through work. And embroidery is completed by artists, who work for some of the world’s renown Parisian luxury fashion houses.

As beautiful as it is conscious, Toubab Paris is one brand that is hard not to rally behind.