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Janak and Yulia, co-founders and designers behind Story of Source met while working together in retain in Dubai. Indian by origin, Janak was raised in a family of sewists and knitters with a deep rooted appreciation for artistry, textiles and culture. Though Janak didn't travel as much until her late 20s, she was always encouraged to shop local, give love to tradition and respect generational craft. Born in Russia and educated in the US, where she spent the majority of her teenage years into her late 20s, Yulia has been an ardent traveler since a young age. Fascinated with local cultures, customs and crafts, Yulia's favorite thing has always been the treasures and stories collected along the way. In Dubai for 12 and eight years respectively, Janak and Yulia instantly clicked when they met. Fast forward a couple years and their combined love for cultural immersion has found a new meaning and means with Story of Source. No longer bound to education and appreciation of artistry but wired toward making the voices heard and the craft seen. It's truly been a journey from a purpose to a brand.

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