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Originally from Hanoi, Chi Mai moved to Australia to pursue an e-commerce degree, eventually planning to settle into management consulting. But life had other plans. And boy, are we glad it did.

Having immersed herself into art and Australia country living as a break from consulting interviews prep, Chi quickly realized that what she really wanted to do is be in a creative field, enjoying what she truly loved every waking moment. One fashion jewelry pendant, tarnishing and causing a rash after a week of wear, and she found her calling! A feminine and sophisticated jewelry line that is designed for everyday wear (yes we mean sleeping, showers and all!) and kind on your skin (instead of turning it green).

Inspired by country Victoria and natural Australian landscapes, Chi designs pieces for the timeless sophisticate in all of us. And with plenty to keep her inspiration flowing - experiences, travel and her loyal community of customers - we are afraid our love affair with S-kin Studio is for the long haul.

the interview


What’s your typical day at the office?

I always start in the office early before everyone else, get my coffee going & start on emails. Then we usually have a debrief for the day and get started on making our lovely customers’ orders!

What are the 5 things you cannot live without?

My husband, doggo, my phone, my glasses & my wedding jewels!

Who would you love to wear your pieces?

The S-kin woman is elegant, she loves the simple pleasures of dainty jewelry, and appreciates the art of crafting jewelry. She is conscious of the world around her, and strives to tread lightly on the planet. She is feminine, sophisticated, but full of character. She loves embodying her story in the jewelry that she wears every day.

Your favorite quote?

You are the creator of your own destiny.

What super power would you like to have?

Power of persuasion!

What's your favorite city in the world?

I would have to say Venice. The people are amazing, the food is beyond anything I have ever had, and the romance sings to my soul.

What's one cause that you would want people to rally behind?

We only have one planet – let’s save it. I would love for people to learn more about their footprint and be aware of all their choices on our planet. Choose to buy well, use well, and let’s leave our planet better than we found it.

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