After years in Paris working in TV production, Delphine felt the need to stop, take a break and think about the life she really wanted. In pursuit of freedom and creative expression, she moved to Bali to start her jewelry business and learn to enjoy life more.

Delphine’s jewelry is very personal. Some designs are inspired by her childhood and the pieces the women of her family would wear. Others are based on jewelry that she carries as good luck charms. She loves to layer, combining strikingly different pieces - the inspiration behind some of her collections, which combines raw semiprecious gems and stones with delicate metals handcrafted by artisans in Bali.


Why Bali?

I first came to Bali on holidays. Straight away, I felt the exciting vibe here, and it made me realize that everything is possible, as long as you believe in it strongly enough ... and work hard for it... My first few months in Bali made me discover a whole new culture, a different way of living, and opened my mind to all the new options I had in front of me. Those months allowed me to mature my [jewelry] project.

What was the first piece you ever designed? How have your designs evolved?

... Probably a super simple cross attached to a dainty chain. At first, I would get my inspiration from my childhood, the images, the symbols, the designs I've always loved. All those memories I kept in mind rose to give birth to my first range.

Since then, my style has evolved with the way I work with my artisans. I like to keep it simple but I’ve grown up in my designs. I love gemstones and that’s my first inspiration really.

What is your process? Where do you draw on your ideas from?

It all starts with materials. A gemstone, a shape, a color ... I'm very visual, and my memory keeps pictures related to sensations or remembrances, that I use to design my jewelry. I often wake up in the middle of the night with the [final] design.

Whats your typical day at the office?

I like to wake up with the sun and start my working day pretty early, always before 8. My day is always a happy mix between design, visual and branding development, checking production with the factory, and some admin. I like to keep a hand on everything, and to always be creative during the day. ... Here it’s pretty easy to be directly in contact with the craftsmen, and it’s always great fun and exciting to try to develop new stuff, and get new samples all the time.

Your favorite quote?

“93 percent stardust, with souls made of flames, We are all just stars that have people names” Nikita Gill

Where would you go in a time machine?

Not far. Probably in the beginning of the 70’s in a big city such as Paris or New York, where it seemed women were free to express themselves through their style ... when you were just free to live, have fun, and be creative with no judgment.

What super power would you like to have?

I’m pretty happy without any.

All photos courtesy of Monsieur Blonde Jewels

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