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Born in Guadeloupe, having studied in France and lived in Senegal, Sandrine Levalois knew she was bound for Bali from her first trip there at 23. The trip inspired her to open her own first successful project, a homewares boutique in Senegal, carrying beautiful objects from the Island of the Gods… While this gave her a chance to visit regularly & gain early age confidence in her choices, Sandrine’s attraction to Bali grew too strong to ignore.

Grounded in her intuitive inspiration rather than fashion, Sandrine built a strong yet delicate sense of creativity, culminating in the birth of Leeloo Bird in 2010. A quintessential surf girl and accomplished yogi, Sandrine’s deep link to nature & spirituality has always been her focal source of inspiration. And just like her life story, her jewelry expresses an urge to rise above the everyday and follow your heart’s longing.

the interview


Why the name LeeLoo bird?

I love Birds & their feathers. To me, they symbolize:

  • Freedom, discovery & courage – spreading your wings and taking off… and trusting yourself enough to not fall.
  • Poise & beauty – adorned with beautiful feathers, looking at how they carry themselves in nature is a constant reminder of how truly breathtaking this world is
  • Connection to Spirit – birds in different cultures are often seen as sacred, wise creatures that deliver messages and directly embody Spirit.

So I can say they symbolize pretty perfectly the secrets behind my creations and what I want to make women feel with them. And LeeLoo is simply how I named my bird. LeeLoo bird is the one on my shoulder, whispering me the way.

And why Bali?

Bali is a very special place. She doesn’t welcome everyone to success… I am forever grateful for all the chances she gave me to evolve, express, nurture in so so many ways.

I feel like a Bali plant happily grounded in what was a destination and became a home now.

What’s your typical day at the office?

After my morning rituals, my husband and I, set the tone of the day about images, videos, website & brand development (as he is the talented soul behind all this). 

Then I go to my home wooden office to meet with my assistant about the priorities of the day, covering every aspect of LeeLoo bird. This mix keeps my mind happily fresh.

I guess you want to actually know where my creative times are inside all this? :)

To be honest, I don’t plan a creative moment; it happens when the inspiration comes spontaneously. And I better be ready somehow to write / draw it instantly! If I put too much mind into a design, the result is never that famous.

Your favorite quote?

I hold dearly to my heart so many, but from my dance in life with them, I’d say:

  • “The universe always falls in love with a courageous heart.” (Kind bravery will eventually win.)
  • “There shall be eternal summer in a grateful heart.” (Gratefulness being a powerful shortcut to happiness.)

Who would you love to wear your pieces?

It can be any soul, to be honest, as long as every LeeLoo bird soul wearing us is happy.

What's your favorite city in the world?

I literally feel like “Mowgli” in a town / city 😊 … I have none. Sorry…

What's one cause that you would want people to rally behind?

Making the world a better place by starting being kind with ourselves & responsible to Mother Earth. Then perhaps, spread this powerful effect​ it will have on us, to the cause ​that ​speaks to us more.

All photos courtesy of LeeLoo Bird Jewelry.



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