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The duo behind Andres Gallardo - Andres and Marina - have both studied fashion and worked together for several fashion brands in Madrid before joining forces. Originally conceived as a side project - Brokenporcelain, the first limited edition collection attracted so much attention that Andres and Marina established the brand in 2011.

With no formal jewelry training but a love for artisanal production methods, the designers bring to life their whimsical world of wild nature and organic shapes intuitively - handcrafting each piece with meticulous improvisation.

Unlike the fashion industry they come from, where ideas dictate the designs, their process is much more fluid. A porcelain figurine they've come across may become a source of inspiration. ... or a design element within an already conceived piece. A visit to the porcelain workshop may redefine the notions of what is possible. Each can refine the initial idea, giving it shape, so to eventually become a sophisticated surrealist composition.

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