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Summer 2021 Travel Guide

Summer 2021 Travel Guide

Got a case of itchy feet? We rounded up a couple 'more unexpected' quarantine-free spots that would make for a perfect summer vacay for those traveling from the UAE! From hiking in Iceland to enjoying pristine beaches of Croatia to exploring the oldest cathedral in the world, take a peek at our finds below.


Reykjavik. Gullfoss waterfall. Geysir hot springs. Thingvellir National Park. World-famous Blue Lagoon. There is no shortage of things to see and do in Iceland, even in the summer.

Iceland is accepting visitors with a certificate of full vaccination against COVID-19 or that of a previous infection. And no quarantine is required.


From the 'pink city' of Armenia - Yerevan - to the myriad of breathtaking monasteries including Etchmiadzin (the oldest cathedral in the world!), to Lake Sevan (which engulfs 16 percent of the country) and Dilijan National Park - Armenia is sure to become the most talked about destination in the coming years. 

Negative PCR test is required to enter the country.


Glistening waters. Some of the bluest skies you've ever seen. Hidden coves, ancient sites and rustic villages. The Turkish coast has always been a summer go-to for the Turkish elite. And most recently, it is becoming an international destination in its own right. 

Negative PCR test is required to enter the country. 


Known for "sapphire seas, coral reefs and kaleidoscopic wildlife," Belize is heaven for beach bunnies and diving aficionados. With 185 miles of reef, Turneffe Islands and the Blue Hole - it's consistently ranked as one of the world's top diving spots.

It is important to note that June - mid-November is rainy season, "characterized by a dependable and short-lived afternoon shower," with the wettest months starting in August. But if you are looking for fewer tourists and do not mind a few showers, Belize is worth checking out. 

Belize is accepting visitors with a certificate of full vaccination against COVID-19 or negative PCR test. 


Yearning for a safari? June to October is the perfect time to visit Kenya and Masai Mara, national park reserve along the Tanzanian border, to witness the Great Migration - when thousands of wildebeest and zebra cross from Tanzania to Kenya.

Negative PCR test is required to enter the country. Travelers from the UAE are exempt from quarantine.   


Rich in history and sites, including 8 national parks and 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Stunning in its natural beauty; (sailing the coast is an absolute must.) And thanks to the influx in tourists, brimming with new dining hotspots and boutique hotels. Croatia is firmly becoming the more affordable Amalfi coast.  

Croatia is accepting visitors with a certificate of full vaccination against COVID-19 or negative PCR test. 


We obviously had to include Bali upside down 😊  While not yet open for international arrivals, Bali is gearing up to reopen by the end of July. They're currently finalizing agreements for travel and tourism visitors with a rather short list of countries. But UAE is on the list! The details and entry requirements are not yet clear but we are literally counting down the minutes to July.   


Getting lost in Tbilisi's historic district. Feasting on traditional Georgian cuisine (omg the food!). Hiking to a medieval monastery. Taking a weekend trip to one of the mountains. Beaching around and going out in Batumi. Georgia is filled with enough gems to spend as little or as much time as you want, exploring this beautiful country.   

Georgia is accepting visitors from the UAE with a certificate of full vaccination against COVID-19 or negative PCR test. Second PCR test will be administered at traveler's expense on the 3rd day of the trip.

Some additional options not included are Greece, Seychelles, Maldives and Tanzania. And as always, restrictions and information changes frequently; we've had to remove some destinations just as we were compiling the guide.  

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